mickeyredmond“I thought I knew a lot about golf until I met Bob Krause. Bob has shown me the real connection between the hands, the take away, the setting of the club and the release after contact. All of this has given me the knowledge I needed to correct poor shots and hit the ball consistently much straighter and further. Bob has educated me in a confident simple laid back fashion and I have truly enjoyed learning the technical part of the game of golf with Bob. Now all I have to do is execute! Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced golfer Bob Krause can take your game to a new level!”  
Mickey Redmond, Detroit Red Wings
bobkrausemichigan“I have never really had much instruction except from everyone I play with, but I had a GREAT experience with Dr. Bob. What I really enjoy about Bob is he is very positive, Bob doesn’t overload you, and he breaks everything down to simple basics. I hit the ball last summer better than I hit it in years and I give Bob the credit for that!”
Lloyd Carr, Former University of Michigan Wolverines Head Football Coach


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